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The Iraqi government and many foreign diplomatic missions are located inside the International Zone (IZ) which is also known as the Green Zone. The IZ also served as the headquarter for the U.S. military before the eventual troop withdrawal in 2011.

The heavily fortified area abuts the Tigris River and features prominent sights such as the Rashid Hotel, the Council of Representatives (parliament), the Republican Palace, the unfinished addition to the Baath Party Headquarters, the Arc of Triumph and an area called Little Venice.

Many of these sights, however, are nestled behind high concrete blast walls which are often referred to as T-walls. The grey T-walls are ubiquitous and dissect the IZ into safe passage ways, encircled compounds, and camps within compounds all with their own heavily guarded checkpoints. An aerial shot of the IZ would reveal people and vehicles moving around in an enclosed labyrinth, except for a few exits leading into the formidable Red Zone.
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